Townsville Full Moon Hash

run every full moon starting at 6pm sharp!

Usually from a nominated pub, the pack amble around until they find a drink stop. Then, on on to a good feed at the pub.

Cost is $3pp, that includes a drink at the drink stop. Buy the meal of your choice.   Everyone is welcome.

This is a social gathering, so if you are looking for a 10km run then this is not for you

....... go to Monday night hash.


 "The Big Cheese" BLOWBACK  0421 658 021

"Lunartick" SHERLOCK  0418 763 582

"Moonshine"     HOTFA  0408 753 613

Runs to come:





343 Monday
21 January
With TVH3 12 Clay St, Bohle



Interested in "hosting" a run? . . . Let Blowback or Sherlock know