The Beginning of Hash House Harriers

History of TVH3

This page shows all the TVH3 Committees since the Inaugural run in 1977. AGPU details precede the lists of committees which took office from that night. At the end of the committee list are details of the celebration runs organised during the term of each committee. It is quite possible that there are some errors – The author of this page, being a hashman, is not quite human, and susceptible to overindulgence and memory loss. Blow Back would appreciate being informed of any such errors to make this page as accurate as possible. ON ON – And enjoy the memories!
    Run -1         29 Aug 1977         Seaview Hotel    
    Inaugural Run         17 Oct 1977         Rowes Bay Country Club    
Grand Master Donger
Joint Masters Stinky & Squizzy
Hash Cash Turdle
Hash Horn Poppy Sux
On Sex Figaro
    Run 50         14/15 Oct 1978         Melville’s Farm, Aligator Creek    
    AGPU Run 65         2 Jan 1979         End of Bayswater Rd    
Grand Master Bazza Best Odds
Joint Masters Squizzy & Organ
Hash Cash Camshaft/Organ & Turdle
Hash Horns Poppy Sux & Thick Dick
On Sex Figaro/Axlegrease & Stinky
Trailmasters Wetchex & Donger
    Run 100         27/28 Oct 1979         Range View Ranch, Herveys Range    
    AGPU Run 115         10 Dec 1979         Rugby Club    
Grand Master Poppy Sux
Joint Masters Squizzy, Wobbegong & Grass
Hash Cashes Organ & Frigid
Hash Horns Dildo & Thick Dick
On Sex Axlegrease & Stinky
Trailmasters Possum, Arzo & Mac
Brewmeister Waite-a-Sec
Hash Scribe Gobbler
    Run 150         9/10 Aug 1980         Pangola Park, Mt Elliot    
    AGPU Run 168         17 Nov 1980         Rugby Club    
Grand Master Grass
Joint Masters Axlegrease, Caruso & Wetchex
Hash Cashes Styx, Doodle & Organ
Hash Horns Kimbies & Stack
On Sex Wobbegong & Gobbler
Trailmasters Zsa Zsa & Pissant
Brewmeister Waite-a-Sec
Hash Scribes Lurch & Piles
Hash Monk Pubic Lips
OMC (Our Man in Canberra) Walloper
    Run 200         20/21 Jun 1981         Magnetic Island    
    AGPU Run 225         30 Nov 1981         Rugby Club    
Grand Master Hash Mouth
Joint Masters Frigid, Styx & Grass
Hash Cashes Zeke & Stack
Hash Horns Poppy Sux & Lurch
On Sex Gobbler & Kimbies
Trailmasters Rabies & Granma
Brewmeister Sherlock
Hash Scribe Meggsie
Hash Jester Dumprat
    Run 250         15/16 Aug 1982         Herveys Range    
    AGPU Run 278         22 Nov 1982         Rugby Club    
Grand Master Rabies
Joint Masters Ankles, Wobbegong & Mildew
Hash Cashes Lord Ted & Long Long
Hash Horns Kimbies & Udders
On Sex Grass & Maggots
Trailmasters Blow Back & Mau Mau
Brewmeister Sherlock
Hash Scribe Gobbler
    Run 300         23/24 Apr 1983         St Margaret Ck, Mt Elliot    
    AGPU Run 325         3 Oct 1983         Wulguru Bunker    
Grand Master Kinky until Run 363
Ankles from Run 364
Joint Masters Zsa Zsa, Ankles & Dumprat
Hash Cashes Turdle & Frigid
Hash Horns Engineer & Earwig
On Sex Thirsty & Berko
Trailmasters Wax-n-Polish & Vaginamite
Brewmeister Sherlock
    Run 350         17/18 Mar 1984         Magnetic Island    
    AGPU Run 376         3 Sep 1984         Crystal Cylinders, (water park beside showgrounds)    
Grand Master Engineer
Joint Masters Horse, Gob Off & Piggsie
Hash Cashes Zeke & Stack
Hash Horns Floorbanger & Jessie
On Sex Blow Back & Zsa Zsa
Trailmasters Clancy & Popeye
Brewmeister Sherlock
    Run 400         16/17 Feb 1985         The Roos’ Revenge, Endeavour Farm, Leichardt Creek    
    AGPU Run 423         17 Jun 1985         Indoor Cricket Arena, Garbutt    
Grand Master Sherlock
Joint Masters Floorbanger, Pubic Lips & Mildew
Hash Cashes Clap & Bloodhound
Hash Horns Stumps & Pee Wee
On Sex Popeye & Radar
Trailmasters Bleeky & Stroker
Brewmeister Piggsie
    Run 450         16/17 Nov 1985         Saltwater Creek    
    AGPU Run 475         12 May 1986         Lowth’s Dungeon    
Grand Master Clap
Joint Masters Piggsie, Fingers & Stroker
Hash Cashes Withdrawal & Donuts
Hash Horns Nosejob & Yogi
On Sex Earwig, Blow Back & Horse
Trailmasters Arson & Vasectomy
Brewmeister Sherlock
Hash Ambash Stumps
    Run 500         18/19 Oct 1986         St Margaret Ck, Mt Elliot – Start of GBR    
    AGPU Run 525         6 Apr 1987         Old Zoo, Mt St John    
Grand Master Vasectomy
Joint Masters Yogi & Arson
Hash Cashes Withdrawal & Jessie
Hash Horns Fruit Bat & Erection
On Sex Rabies, Nosejob & Horse
Trailmasters Wethaphucka & Wart
Brewmeister Sherlock
Hash Ambash Piggsie
    Run 550         19 Sep 1987         Bluewater Creek    
    AGPU Run 575         29 Feb 1988         Flintstones, Dalrymple Rd, Cyclone Charlie Leap Year Run    
Grand Master Floorbanger
Joint Masters Wart & Erection
Hash Cashes Horse & Withdrawal
Hash Horns Dangles & Sewers
On Sex Tyre Fruck & Wetcheques
Book Horse
Trailmasters Yogi & Gnog Gnog
Brewmeisters Sherlock & Uranus
Hash Monk Mulch
Hash Ambash Squizzy
    Run 600         20/21 Aug 1988         Ollera Creek    
    AGPU Run 625         6 Feb 1989         Old Norline Drive-in    
Grand Master Blow Back
Joint Masters Uranus & Sewers
Hash Cashes Bleeky & Dildo
Hash Horns Wheelbarrow & Mouthful
On Sex Brass Balls & Yarp
Book Berko
Trailmasters Mongol & Snoopy
Brewmeister Drip Tray
Hash Flash Swamp
    Aussie Nash Hash         22/27 March 1989         Log Creek/Toomulla Beach/Sun Hotel (and others)    
Nash Hash Chairman Vasectomy
Nash Hash Vice Chair Zeke
Nash Hash On Sec Earwig
Nash Hash Trailmaster Stroker
Nash Hash Cash Floorbanger
    Run 650         29/30 Jul 1989         Killymoon Creek Gun Club    
    AGPU Run 681         19 Feb 1990         Bleeky’s Place, Aitken St    
Grand Master Stroker
Joint Masters Knockin’, Pissycat & Swamp
Hash Cashes Ballsy & Jessie
Hash Horns Rattles & Kokless
On Sex Dick with Ears & Floorbanger
Trailmasters Mongol & Yarp
Brewmeisters Drip Tray & Wetchex
    Run 700         23/24 Jun 1990         Kelly Country,Toonpan    
    AGPU Run 726         17 Dec 1990         Start at Stockland    
Grand Master Tyre Fruck
Joint Master Wetcheques
Hash Cash Giraffe
Hash Horns Mickey Dripping & Swamp
On Sex Kokless & Tukka Fukka
Trailmaster Colostrum & Paradise Pack
Brewmeister Drip Tray
    Run 750         25/26 May 1991         Melville’s Farm, Alligator Creek    
    AGPU Run 777         18 Nov 1991         Rising Sun Hotel    
Grand Master Horse
Joint Master Fozzie
Hash Cash Dangles
Hash Cash Sadie
Hash Horns Blue Vein & Blackbeard
On Sex Squatter & CCA
Trailmaster Mr Lash & Blow Back
Hash Monk Blue Vein
    Run 800         16/17 May 1992         Running Underturd at Little Bondi, Herveys Range    
    AGPU Run 825         19 Oct 1992         Mansfield Hotel    
Grand Master Wetchex
Joint Master Grass
Hash Cashes Ankles & Pull Thru
Hash Horns Rooster & Compost
On Sex Wetcheques
Asst Sex & Book Lager Lips
Trailmasters Agnes & Jessie
Brewmeister Ankles
    Run 850         29/30 May 1993         Killymoon Creek Gun Club    
    AGPU Run 875         20 Sep 1993         Start Vale Library    
Grand Master Wart
Joint Master Ankles
Hash Cash Pullthru
Hash Horns Giraffe & Parrot
On Sex Sperm & Spastic
Trailmasters Fozzie & Homo
Brewmeister Fozzie
    Run 900         14/15 May 1994         Laudham Park, Ross River Dam    
    AGPU Run 925         29 Aug 1994         Rising Sun Hotel    
Grand Master Fozzie
Joint Master Arson
Hash Cash Pullthru
Hash Horns Wetchex & Blow Back
On Sex Phucknose & Vasectomy
Trailmasters Boozem & Toxic
Brewmeister Wart
    Run 950         3/4 Mar 1995         Rattle’s Place, Bohle    
    AGPU Run 976         14 Aug 1995         Mini Golf    
Grand Master Homo
Joint Master Wetchex
Hash Cash Ankles
Hash Horns Pullthru & Ballsy
On Sex Phucknose & Vasectomy
Trailmasters Blow Back & Tyre Fruck
Brewmeister Fozzie Bear
    Run 1000         25-28 Jan 1996         Reunion at Hockey Club; Pub Crawl S Townsville; Run at Gun Club, Killymoon Creek    
    AGPU Run 1025         15 Jul 1996         Mini Golf    
Grand Master Colostrum
Joint Master Sperm
Hash Cash Ankles
Hash Horn Spastic
On Sex Bloodsucker & Stuffabee
Trailmaster Agnes & Jazelle
Brewmeister Self Abuse & Toxic
    Run 1050         7/8 Dec 1996         Bluewater Scout Camp    
    AGPU Run 1075         26 May 1997         Start at Fire Station, S Townsville    
Grand Master Giraffe
Joint Master Sperm
Hash Cash Ankles
Hash Horns Shark Shit & B.O.
On Sex Ewok & Colostrum
Trailmasters Agnes & Clitis
Brewmeisters Self Abuse, Spastic & Sperm
    Run 1100 and 20th Birthday         17/18 Oct 1997         Melvilles Aussie Tavern, Alligator Creek    
    AGPU Run 1125         6 Apr 1998         Lone Star Tavern    
Grand Master Arson
Joint Master Sewerside
Hash Cashes Wart & Pullthru
Hash Horns Giraffe & Shark Shit
On Sex Fresh Fanny & B.O.
Trailmasters Agnes & Clitis
Brewmeister Ballsy
    Run 1150 and 21st Birthday         24/25 Oct 1998         Bluewater Scout Camp    
    AGPU Run 1175         15 Mar 1999         Madden St Pool, Aitkenvale    
Grand Master Mildew
Joint Master Lager Lips
Hash Cash Wart
Hash Horns Inner Tube & Spurt
On Sex Splinter & Phar Lap
Trailmaster Agnes & Shag
Brewmeisters Stroker, Fozzie Bear & Colostrum
    Run 1200         28/29 Aug 1999         Hidden Valley    
    AGPU Run 1227         13 Mar 2000         North Star Running Track, Warrina    
Grand Master Tukka Fukka
Joint Master Ewok
Hash Cash Lager Lips
Hash Horns Colostrum & Priapism
On Sex Wriggler & Splinter
Trailmasters Bulk Bill & Legless
Brewmeister Self Abuse
    Run 1250         5/6 Aug 2000         Rattle’s Place – Olympics    
    AGPU Run 1278         19 Feb 2001         Pioneer Park, Aussie Rules Clubhouse    
Grand Master Bulk Bill
Joint Master Captain
Hash Cash Lager Lips
Hash Horn Rooster
On Sex Dammit
Trailmaster Tyson
Brewmeister Golden Showers
    Run 1300         14/15 Jul 2001         Saunders Beach SES – Black Pussy Run    
    AGPU Run 1328         28 Jan 2002         Picnic Bay SLSC, The Strand    
Grand Master Fresh Fanny
Joint Master Blow Back
Hash Cash Hemroid
Hash Horn Septic
On Sex Dammit
Trailmaster Septic
Walkmaster Barup
Brewmeister Golden Showers
    Run 1350         22/23 Jun 2002         Rattle’s Place, Bohle – Stonehenge Run    
    AGPU Run 1375         16 Dec 2002         Rammy and BJ’s, Water Street – Combined Xmas Run    
Grand Master Agnes
Joint Master Drip
Hash Cash Pickup
Hash Horn Phlash
On Sex Dammit
Trailmasters Giraffe & Touchup
Walkmaster Ballsy
Brewmeister Cuttlefish
Haberdash OSD
    Run 1400         24/25 May 2003         Coconuts Resort, Magnetic Island    
    AGPU Run 1429         8 Dec 2003         Blowback’s Place, Keesing Rd – Combined Xmas Run    
Grand Master Drip until Run 1433
Pythagorarse from Run 1434
Joint Master Septic
Hash Cash Notso
Hash Horns Catblew & Blowjob
On Sex DDT
Trailmasters Dangles & Captain
Walkmaster Pullthru
Brewmeister Cuttlefish
Choirmaster Captain
Haberdash OSD
    Run 1450         8/9 May 2004         Goldrush Run, Ravenswood    
    AGPU Run 1475         25 Oct 2004         Catblew’s Place, Laburnum St    
Grand Master Ewok
Joint Master Sherlock
Hash Cash Imelda Marcos
Hash Horns Mother Duck & Miss Daisy
On Sex Masterbates
Trailmaster Ramrooter
Walkmaster Pullthru
Brewmeister Cuttlefish
Choirmaster Captain
Haberdash OSD
    Run 1500         23/24 Apr 2005         Back to the Trenches with the Wenches, Herveys Range    
    AGPU Run 1525         17 Oct 2005         Rowes Bay Golf Club    
Grand Master Dangles
Joint Master Catblew
Hash Cash Imelda Marcos
Hash Horns El Dringo & Teaser
On Sex Masterbates
Trailmaster Hot-4-Male
Walkmaster Pullthru
Brewmeister Cuttlefish
Choirmaster Captain
Haberdash OSD
Raffler Mother Duck
    Run 1550         1/2 Apr 2006         April Fools Run, Palm Creek, Mt Elliot    
    AGPU Run 1575         25 Sep 2006         Italian Club, Aitkenvale    
Grand Master Ramrooter
Joint Master DDT
Hash Cash Fresh Fanny
Hash Horns Filthy & Caviar
On Sex Blow Back
Trailmasters Pythagorarse & Shark Shit
Walkmaster OSD
Brewmeisters Tyson, Catblew & OSD
Choirmasters Organ & Bentabeak
Haberdash Shotaway
    Run 1600         17/18 Mar 2007         Luck of the Irish Run, Giru International Hotel    
    AGPU Run 1625         3 Sep 2007         Kelso RSL    
Grand Master Blowjob
Joint Master Rooster
Hash Cash Dammit
Hash Horns Mother Duck & Scrubba
On Sex Masterbates
Trailmasters Blow Back & Betty Barefoot
Walkmaster Touchup
Brewmeister Fonzie
Choirmaster Bentabeak
Haberdash Call Girl
    Run 1650         1/2 Mar 2008         Polo Club, Stuart    
    AGPU Run 1675         3 Sep 2008         Warrina Park, Currajong    
Grand Master Masterbates
Joint Master Wetcheques
Hash Cash Dammit
Hash Horns Teaser & Azaria
On Sex Rektinol
Trailmaster Dangles
Walkmaster Muffin Diver
Brewmeister Fonzie
Choirmaster Suzie Wong
Haberdash Call Girl
Raffler Neverfail
    Run 1700         22/23 Nov 2008         Deadman’s Run, Grizzly’s Place, Julago    
    AGPU Run 1724 & 10th Anniversity Red Dress Run         13 Jul 2009         Sports’ Reserve, North Ward    
Grand Master Wetcheques
Joint Master Homo
Hash Cash Fonzie
Hash Horn Suzie Wong
On Sex Pythagorarse
Trailmasters Shark Shit & Know Knob
Walkmaster Gash
Brewmeister Cuttlefish
Haberdash Fresh Fanny
Raffler Eaton
Webmaster Hot4Male
    Run 1750         7/8 Nov 2009         Picnic Races, Bivouac Junction    
    AGPU Run 1773          31 May 2010         Old Tropic Forest Garden Estate     
Grand Master Grizzley
Joint Master Blow Back
Hash Cash Fonzie
Hash Horns Know Knob & Touch Up
On Sex Suzie Wong
Trailmasters Black n Decker & Ewok
Walkmaster Slash
Brewmeister Miss Daisy
Haberdash Imelda Marcos
Raffler Caviar
Webmaster Hot4Male
    Run 1800         5/7 Nov 2010         Pandanus, Gumlow    
    AGPU Run 1826          23 May 2011         Townsville Sports Reserve     
Grand Master Captain
Joint Master Fonzie
Hash Cash Pullthru
Runners’ Horn Organ
Walkers’ Horn Witch
On Sex Masterbates & Pythagorarse
Trailmasters Mother Duck & Phlash
Walkmaster Grizzley
Brewmeister Miss Daisy
Haberdashes Notso & Copit
Raffler TwoRinggitMore
Webmaster Hot4Male
    Run 1850         18-20 Nov 2011          Recycle Run, Bluewater Community Hall     
    AGPU Run 1875          30 April 2012         The Captain’s Table, Pocock Ct, Vincent    
Grand Master Phlash
Joint Master Crappa
Hash Cash TwoRinggitMore
Runners’ Horn Blow Job
Walkers’ Horn Azaria
On Sex Pythagorarse
Trailmasters Clever Punt & Bravetart
Walkmasters Cyd Viscious & Beer-n-Skittles
Brewmeister Miss Daisy
Beer Bitch Blow Back
Haberdash Cat Blew
Raffler Rektinol
Webmaster Hot4Male
    Run 1900         20-21 Oct 2012          Octoberfest 2012, Cumulingus’ Farm, Woodstock/Giru Rd     
    AGPU Run 1925          8 April 2013         Multicom, Fleming St, Aitkenvale    
Grand Master Crappa
Joint Master Serenity
Hash Cash Cat Blew
Hash Horns Kung Poo & Self Abuse
On Sex Slash
Trailmasters Betty Barefoot & Cumalot
Walkmasters Self Abuse & Tyson
Brewmeister Miss Daisy
Beer Bitch Blow Back
Haberdash Eaton
Rafflers Bravetart & Hot4Male
Webmaster Hot4Male
    Run 1950         5-6 Nov 2013          Wild West Run, Townsville Gun Club, Herveys Range     
    AGPU Run 1975          17 March 2014         Betty & BnD’s, Kitchener Rd, Pimlico    
Grand Master Touch Up
Joint Master Black n Decker
Hash Cash Imelda Marcos
Horns Captain & Blotto
On Sex Serenity
Trailmasters Betty Barefoot & Filthy
Walkmasters Self Abuse & Tyson
Brewmeister Miss Daisy
Beer Bitch Blow Back
Haberdash Captain
Rafflers Booga & Suzie Wong
Webmaster Hot4Male
    Run 2000         3-5 Oct 2014          The Rolling-Stone Run, Crystal Ck Caravan Park, Mutarnee     
    AGPU Run 2025          23 February 2015         Tyson & Hot4Male’s, 14 Lawson St, Mysterton    
Grand Master El Dringo
Joint Master Suzie Wong
Hash Cash Imelda Marcos
Hash Horns Wet Spot & Captain
On Sex Phlash
Trailmasters Betty Barefoot & Filthy
Walkmasters Clitis & Gumboot
Brewmeister Miss Daisy
Haberdash Captain
Rafflers Blotto & Not So
Webmaster Hot4Male
    Run 2050         7-9 August 2015          Horsing around at the Pinnacles, “Pinnacles” Equestrian Centre, Kelso     
    AGPU Run 2075          1 February 2016         El Dringo’s, 225 Corcoran St, Currajong    
Grand Master Cat Blew
Joint Master Clever Punt
Hash Cash Imelda Marcos & Wet Spot
Horns Cowboy (Runners) Pink Bits then Dunkin then Cum in Time (Walkers)
On Sex Blow Back
Trailmasters Ewok & Wart
Walkmasters Clitis & Ballsy
Brewmeister Miss Daisy
Haberdash Dammit & Wet Spot
Rafflers Copit & Not So
Webmaster Hot4Male
    Run 2100         1-3 July 2016          Showtime Run, Broadwater National Park, via Ingham     
    AGPU Run 2126          16 January 2017         Cat Blew’s, Laburnum St, Cranbrook    
Grand Master Booga
Joint Master Shocker
Hash Cash Wetcheques
On Sex Swamp
Trailmasters Coyote f’n Ugly & Wart
Walkmasters Orgasm & Fantom Treat then Dunkin’
Horns Groper & Cum’n’Time
Rafflers Not So & Copit
Haberdash Tartann & SoftnCreamy
Brewmeister Miss Daisy
Webmaster Hot 4 Male
    Run 2150         30 June – 2 July 2017          Naughty 40’s, Camp Gedling, Hervey Range     
    AGPU Run 2173          11 December 2017         Tyson & Hotfa’s, 14 Lawson St, Mysterton – Combined Xmas Run    
Grand Master Serenity
Joint Master Teaser
Hash Cash Wetcheques
Horns Shocker (Runners) Soft N Creamy (Walkers)
On Sex Swamp
Trailmasters Coyote F’n Ugly & Phlash
Walkmasters Slash & Cuttlefish
Brewmeister Miss Daisy
Haberdash Gash & Hot Lips
Rafflers Hercules & Cat Blew
Webmaster Hot4Male
    Run 2200         28-29 July 2018          Bonniedoon Run, Townsville Gun Club, Killymoon Ck     
    AGPU Run 2227         10 Dec 2018         Betty Barefoot’s, Kitchener Rd, Hyde Park – Combined Xmas Run    
Grand Master Shatter
Joint Master Coyote f’n Ugly
Hash Cash Wet Cheques & Pull Thru
Hash Horns Cowboy & Pick Up
On Sex Orgasm
Trailmasters Wart & Phlash
Walkmasters Self Abuse & Wet Spot
Brewmeister Miss Daisy
Brewmeister Assistant Swamp
Rafflers Hercules & Cummando
Haberdash Dunkin’ & Scissors
    Run 2250         12-14 July 2019         Movie Stars at Oscar’s, Bartlett Pk, Kelso    
    AGPU Run 2275         4 Nov 2019 – Look out for COVID         Herbert Hotel, Sturt St, City    
Grand Master Shocker
Joint Master Captain
Hash Cash Booga
Hash Horns Kung Poo & Wetchex
On Sex Orgasm
Trailmasters   Ram Rooter & Serenity
Walkmasters Sniper & Blow Job
Brewmeister Coyote F’n Ugly
Rafflers Hercules & “Amy”
Haberdash Scissors
    Run 2300         23/24 January 2021 (very late)  – COVID gone         MY CORONA, Warriors’ Football Club, Garbutt    
                   AGPU Run 2322         23 January 2021      with Celebration Run, Warriors Football Club, Garbutt    
Grand Master Betty Barefoot
Joint Master Captain
Hash Cash Booger
Horns Ewok(Runners) Hotbox (Walkers)
On Sex Knicka-less
Trailmasters Inn Bread & Blow Back
Walkmasters Azaria & Slash
Brewmeister Touchup & Cuttlefish
Haberdash Captain
Rafflers Mother Duck & Sniper
Webmaster Hot4Male
                   Run 2350 (early: btn 2337 & 2338)        1-2 May 2021             “Where the FUCK is ALICE” Run, Toomby’s Wonderland, Alice River     
AGPU Run 2378     31 January 2022 El Dringo’s, 16 Hopkins St, Currajong
Grand Master Some C##t
Joint Master Captain
Hash Cash Booger
Horns  (Runners) (Walkers)
On Sex Knicka-less
Trailmasters Serenity
Walkmasters Clitus
Brewmeister Serenity
Haberdash Captain
Rafflers Mother Duck & Scissors
Webmaster Hot4Male
                              Run 2400         2-4 July 2022          Saints & Sinners in the Serpentine Country, Camp Gelding – Herveys Range     
                  AGPU Run 2432         6 February 2023 Boogers Place, Kirwan
Grand Master Knicka-less
Joint Master Booger
Hash Cash Wet Cheques
Horns  Serenity (Runners) Clitus (Walkers)
On Sex Blow Back & Masterbates
Trailmasters Inn Bread
Walkmasters Think Big & Cuttlefish
Brewmeister Hemroid & Mother Duck
Haberdash Catblew
Rafflers Pink Bits & Some C##t
Webmaster Hot4Male
    Run 2450         11-13 August 2023    TVH3 Does Disney, Killymoon Ck Gun Club
AGPU Run 2476 ( And combined XMAS Run )     4 December, 2023     9 & 11 Water St, Currajong
Grand Matress Hercules
Joint Matress Scissors
Hash Cash Wet Cheques
On Sex Blow Back & Shit Happens
Trail Master Wart
Walk Master Cuttlefish
Hare Organiser Bot Bot
Runners Horn Shit Happens
Walkers Horn Rektinol
Rafflers Some C##t & G String
Hash Haberdash Catblew
Brew Organiser Sudden Insane & Serenity
Webmasters Hot4Male & Shit Happens
Run 2500      31 May 24 – 01 Jun 24    TVH3 Livin in the 70’s at Crystal Creek Caravan Park